Thursday, 4 March 2010

Update and deadline

Dear all,

It was with much pride that I watched your thriller openings on a big screen today. They don't look half bad, do they?

We hope that you found the feedback from our guests helpful and will be using it in your evaluations.

Your blogs are looking much better, though can I urge you to proof read your evaluations? Some of you need to be a little more analytical and give specific examples. The work on audience research could also be improved or more clearly mentioned in a few cases.

We have decided to give you till NEXT FRIDAY (12.03) to complete and post everything you need to. There aren't any shot list or copies of your storyboard and this needs to feature somewhere, at least on the group blogs.

Finally, if you are still unsure about what to include in your personal blog, please refer back to earlier posts on this blog (use labels on the side)as well as the mark scheme below (for a level 4).

It's been a good week and it seems that everything is slowly coming together.

Ready to show your work in assembly?

Update - 6.03.10 - Well done to group 3 for posting their storyboard. Two groups to go... I would like to see more updated Evaluations reflecting the feedback given last week as well.

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