Sunday, 24 January 2010

Completing the Research and Planning part of your blog - Assessment

Most of you still need to do more research on your blogs, particularly into "similar products", i.e. thrillers, in order to get to level 3 or 4. Below is a reminder of the assessment criteria. Please also refer to my previous posts about what to include on your blog.

Level 4 16–20 marks
- There is excellent research into similar products and a potential target audience.
- There is excellent organisation of actors, locations, costumes or props.
- There is excellent work on shotlists, layouts, drafting, scripting or storyboarding.
- There is an excellent level of care in the presentation of the research and planning
- Time management is excellent.

You also need to get on with your evaluation. Below are the criteria for level 4.
Level 4 16–20 marks
- Excellent understanding of issues around audience, institution, technology, representation, forms and conventions in relation to production.
- Excellent ability to refer to the choices made and outcomes.
- Excellent understanding of their development from preliminary to full task.
- Excellent ability to communicate.
- Excellent skill in the use of digital technology or ICT in the evaluation

You must get to work! Deadline before halt-term.

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