Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Updating blogs - Making decisions as a group

It is clear to us that a lot of discussion/planning is happening at the moment in your groups and this needs to be shown on your blogs, particularly if you are still hesitating between two options. Reading about your decision-making would be interesting.

Now that you have presented your pitch, you need to continue meeting and take minutes of points discussed and decisions made. One group still needs to upload their presentation.

Some groups have already encountered some practical problems with some of their ideas. You really need to consider the following questions (and be able to answer tehm all with a yes) when making decisions from now on:

1. Is it practical?

2. Is it an idea that works to the strengths of the group?

3. Will it show off the skills you have learnt so far on the course?

4. Is it something you can reasonably shoot and edit in the time available?

5. Can you get access/ permission to shoot in the chosen location at the chosen times?

6. Can you organise lighting to use in that location?

7. Have you included dialogue? If so, will it work to shoot conversation in that location?

8. Do you have guaranteed high quality reliable actors to play the characters?

Finally do please start to answer the Evaluation questions. All members of the group should be aware of them. See previous posts.

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